The Potterheads

Look out Twillighters here come the POTTERHEADS!!!!The Harry Potter movies have made over 4 billion dollars!But the movie Twillight New Moon has made 2 billion dollars!

The new Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows will come out in November 2010.But the book is only $8.97.The second half will come out in June 2011.

Gator Sports News

Gatewood won the region tournament!Although it was the girls that won.Still we WON!!!!!

The Gatewood boy’s baseball team beat Strongrock!Nice start Gators and EAT THAT STRONGROCK!!!!

Elizabth Lacksen ran a mile in 5 mins. and 54 secs.!

The 5k for Kaye is comming up!Sart training Elizabith!

Hello world!

My name is Jackson and I will have my blog up and running soon.  Thank you for visiting.